National DAISY & BEE Awards Presented To Highland Colleagues

Morgan McEvers, CNA (left) and Courtney Holtgrave, RN (right), are recognized as the recipients of the BEE and DAISY Award, respectively.

HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital Highland recently awarded Courtney Holtgrave, RN with the national DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. The award is part of the DAISY Foundation’s nationwide program to recognize the super-human efforts nurses perform every day.

Holtgrave was recognized by her patient’s granddaughter for going above and beyond to ensure her patient received high-quality care. She was praised for her attentiveness and for taking the time to assist the family with contacting a family member during a difficult time.

“I was so proud to see Courtney announced as our DAISY Award winner,” said Teresa Cornelius, chief nursing officer at St. Joseph’s. “She is a wonderful nurse who puts her patients and their families first. We are blessed to have such a kind, caring and compassionate nurse on our team.”

Additionally, just as a daisy cannot survive without a bee, nurses cannot survive without the outstanding teamwork provided by support colleagues. As such, Morgan McEvers, CNA of the inpatient care unit recently received St. Joseph’s Being Extraordinary Everyday (BEE) Award.

McEvers was recognized for the kindness and encouragement she showed to one of her patients. She assisted the patient with ordering meals, answered her questions, comforted her when she was afraid and confused, and encouraged the patient to have the confidence to address her medical issues.

“Morgan is very caring and nurturing, added Cornelius. She treats her patients as if they were her family, and it makes them feel special. She truly is an asset to our team.”

Nominations for future DAISY and BEE Awards at St. Joseph’s continue to be accepted. Patients and visitors are encouraged to share and submit their story of witnessing excellent and compassionate care from staff. For a nomination form, please email Donna Dothager at

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