New Four-Way Stop In Greenville


After being discussed at two meetings, the Greenville City Council passed an ordinance this week to bake the intersection of College Avenue and Dewey Street, on the east end of the city, a four-way stop.

The council took action after Steve Hoffmeier and his daughter, Stephanie Tebbe, who lives in that area, expressed concern about safety due to speeding by motorists on College Avenue from Idler Lane to Dewey.

The council approved the ordinance although City Manager Dave Willey recommended it not be done. Willey said several speed surveys were conducted by police in the last couple of weeks and the results showed the average speed was 32 to 33 miles per hour. The speed limit is 30.

The speed checks were conducted during the day. Hoffmeier said speeds are higher in the evening and night.

Willey reported more speed limit signs were recently erected east of that intersection, and the city has ordered an electronic sign which shows motorists their speed and records the speeds over a time period so they can be reviewed.

The city manager told councilmen he felt if additional stop signs were put up at College and Dewey, the city is would be setting a precedent of accepting requests from citizens regarding other intersections. Willey said his recommendation was based on data collected and the Illinois Department of Transportation guidelines for placement of stop signs.

The city council also has an interest in street lights being erected on College from Dewey to Idler.

That stretch of College Avenue has about 4,000 vehicles on it per day.

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