New Technology At Bond County Jail

New security monitors in use at the Bond County Sheriff's Department.

Security and safety are priorities at the Bond County jail for inmates and employees.

Recently, new technology has been installed to make the operation of the jail more efficient, according to Sheriff Jim Leitschuh.

Leitschuh told us his office was able to purchase a new camera system throughout the jail with grant money. The system increases security and allows staff to keep a closer eye on inmates. New monitors were also purchased with the grant money, which increases the number of people who can see the video feed.

The improvements reduce risk for staff and show the Jail Standards Board that Bond County is proactive in upgrading facilities.

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No taxpayer money was used for the camera system, monitors and the electronic cell check system. Leitschuh indicated the cameras have eliminated blind spots in the cells which jail personnel faced when doing inmate checks.

The sheriff said other improvements have been done in the jail, which was built in the mid-1970s.

He said the bullpen and jail cells have been repainted. An inefficient door was also removed from the facility. Some inmates in the jail have offered to help with some of the labor.

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The bullpen is a large room where several inmates are held at one time.

Sheriff Leitschuh reported jail employees have adapted to the new technology.

He praised all employees who were involved in making the new technology operable.

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