Unit Two Boundary Study

The data and options have been presented and now the Bond County Unit 2 school district is seeking feedback from the public.

The topic is boundaries for student attendance at the district’s centers.

At the school board’s September meeting, Superintendent Wes Olson presented enrollment information and proposed maps designed to help the overcrowding situation at Greenville Elementary School. Class sizes are smaller at the Sorento and Pocahontas schools.

Olson told WGEL there was a discussion about class size and equity during the strategic planning process last year. He said there are a disproportional number of students in Greenville compared to Pocahontas and Sorento, particularly at the kindergarten level. Olson was charged with looking at boundaries as a way to equalize class size and use of facilities.

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Olson further addressed the goal of the study, noting it is just to look at enrollment and boundaries and a solution to equalize those without changing the existing structure.

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All of the information and the maps can be seen on the Unit 2 website at bccu2.org.

Feedback should be directed to board members or Superintendent Olson.

A decision on boundaries is expected to be made in the spring so changes can be implemented next school year.

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