Council Discusses Impact Of Cannabis Legalization


Recreational marijuana becomes legal in Illinois on January 1.

At Tuesday night’s Greenville City Council meeting, City Manager Dave Willey reported the council will have some decisions to make before then.

It was the consensus of council members that a public meeting should be held to address the topic.

Mayor Alan Gaffner and Willey talked about the meeting. Willey said the council would bring slides that spell out the “pieces and parts” of the puzzle with examples of what is controllable and what is not concerning cannabis. He said the meeting would be informational, representing all sides, and would not be presented with any specific opinion in mind.

Mayor Gaffner said the council would plan the meeting with enough notice to allow people to plan to attend so their opinions can be heard.

Click below to hear their comments:

A date for the meeting is expected to be announced in the near future.

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