Greenville City Leaf Disposal


The City of Greenville’s Leaf Vacuuming Program began Monday, October 14 and will continue through December 13.

Residents can rake their leaves to the edge of the curb or yard so the vacuum can reach them. Piles should be no higher than three feet and residents should make sure there are no sticks or debris in the leaves.

A map showing when areas of the city are picked up each week can be seen on the city’s website at

City officials report citizens can also mulch their leaves with a lawn mower or bag leaves and place them out for collection. City crews will pick up bagged leaves throughout the week, as the schedule permits. It is recommended residents use bio-degradable bags or containers that can be composted.

Leaf burning is allowed in the city, but only from November 4 through December 30. Leaf burning permits are required from the city.

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