GU Science Through The Eyes Of Faith Conference


All are invited to take advantage the local opportunity to explore the intersection of science and faith with internationally recognized speakers, including Nobel Prizewinner Bill Phillips, who helped create the coldest place in the universe. The conference opens Friday night, November 8, at 7 p.m., for “Time, Einstein, and the Coolest Stuff in the Universe,” an evening of exciting, family-friendly (middle grades and up) live demonstrations by Dr. Phillips.

The rest of this weekend—designed for the intellectually and spiritually curious public, teachers, pastors, and students—will help you

Consider whether we are alone in the universe and how that possibility affects our faith with Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysicist Howard Smith Saturday evening at 7:30 pm.

Wander the Galapagos with Dr. Paul Stroble (GU 1979) as he takes a contemporary look at the field where Darwin developed his theories.

Expand your knowledge of what science can teach us about our origins considered through the lens of a faith-based understanding of creation with Dr. David Barnes (GU 1960).

Be led by GU physics professor Dr. Hyung S. Choi to understand science as a spiritual quest.

And so much more! Other topics include

Whether God’s creation is good and, if so, why is there so much suffering?

Our call to care for God’s creation

Ethical implications of gene manipulation, artificial intelligence, robotics, and more

The conference is entirely free! Generous donors have sponsored all the costs for the conference, but organizers still encourage you to register at to ensure adequate seating, food, and materials.

Everyone is welcome, and organizers are extending special invitations to junior high and high school students who are interested in science or theology. They’re also inviting business leaders, engineers, scientists, and theologians.

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