Mary Chesser Passes Weeks After Shooting

Mary Chesser

The Hillsboro woman who was shot on September 20 at the Hillsboro Free Methodist Church has passed away.

68 year old Mary Chesser was involved in a car accident on September 20 near the intersection of Fairground and Seymour Avenues. She had crashed her vehicle in a yard. When police arrived, they determined she had been shot. Around that time, Chesser’s family called police to report a shooting had occurred at the Free Methodist Church, just a few blocks from the accident scene.

Following the shooting, Chesser was in critical but stable condition at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield. Chesser died Tuesday, October 1 in St. John’s.

Chesser’s husband, 69 year old David Chesser, was arrested without incident, about a half hour after his wife was taken to the hospital. He was attempting to enter the Free Methodist Church and was allegedly in possession of a handgun.

In late July, Mary Chesser filed in court a petition for dissolution of marriage.

David L. Chesser, age 69, is charged with alleged attempted murder and aggravated discharge of a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school.

The Beckemeyer Elementary School, located near the Free Methodist Church in Hillsboro, was placed on lockdown after the shooting.

Hough & Sons Funeral Home in Hillsboro is in charge of funeral arrangements for Mary Chesser.

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