Seeking Input On Impact Of Marijuana Law

As reported earlier this month by WGEL, the City of Greenville has scheduled a meeting to receive public input about how the city should proceed with the new state law allowing the use of recreational marijuana starting January 1.

The meeting is Monday, November 4 at 7 p.m. in the Greenville Municipal Building.

Several decisions will eventually have to be made by the city council.

Mayor Alan Gaffner told WGEL he hopes citizens with an opinion about the topic will attend the meeting. He said the city has a number of decisions to make. Communities can opt in, which means marijuana could be sold there. If they opt out, it can’t. Or there can be restrictions placed on the sale of it.

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The mayor said the community could have the opportunity to express opinions at the ballot box as soon as the March primary or the November general election. He said the council has prepared a power point presentation to be shown at Monday’s meeting, explaining the state statute and decisions left to local communities.

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While the law goes into effect this January 1, it allows the sale of recreational marijuana, during the first year, only at current medical dispensaries. There are no licensed dispensaries in Bond County.

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