Unit Two Profile Score

The Bond County Unit 2 Board of Education received its annual audit report Monday night and learned the district remains in good shape financially in the eyes of the state board of education.

Robin Yockey, from the Shelbyville firm of Mose, Yockey, Brown and Kull), presented the audit report which was completed by her accounting firm.

She said the Unit 2 district’s state financial profile score this year is the same as last year, keeping the district in the top recognition category.

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The auditor reported no funds had expenditures over budget the past fiscal year so no material adjustments had to be made to the budget.

Yockey said the district will need to increase the treasurer’s bond to keep up with the state law requiring an amount equaling 25 percent of the maximum amount the district has at any one time.

Yockey praised those district employees who oversee Unit 2’s finances.

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