City Cannabis Talks, Round Two

The Greenville City Council held a second meeting Monday night to give residents a chance to voice their opinions about the sale of recreational cannabis in the community.

The first meeting drew about 75 people. Monday night, there were less than 30 in attendance.

Approximately a half a dozen, spoke in favor of the city allowing creation of businesses to sell recreational cannabis. They noted the economic advantages of having more businesses in the city.

There was one person who spoke against it, compared to the majority of people who spoke at the first meeting being opposed.

The use of recreational cannabis becomes legal in Illinois on January 1.

To start Monday’s meeting, City Manager Dave Willey reported the state has developed a social equity program, designating areas of the state in which grants and loans could be obtained through the program to start a cannabis business. A large part of Greenville is in one of the areas.

During the discussion, a majority of the city council stated they favor placing an advisory referendum ballot to get citizen’s views on the topic. The final decisions rest with the council.

City Manager Willey was asked what is next.

He said the council will prepare several options for ordinances that will be brought to the December council meeting, each with slightly different outcomes. He said there seems to be a feeling that they would like to do a referendum, but if they do that, it eliminates the opportunity to take advantage of the social equity programs.

He said his recommendation would be to construct an ordinance that provides for a moratorium on any kind of new cannabis-related business, until the results of the referendum and the next council meeting have occurred.

Click below to hear more from the city manager:

The next Greenville City Council meeting is December 10.

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