City Sales Tax Referendum

Greenville voters will make a decision in the 2020 primary election whether to increase a sales tax that was approved in 2004.

The half-cent sales tax has been used to improve streets, and the council voted Tuesday night to place a referendum on the spring ballot asking for the amount to be increased to one percent, or one cent per dollar.

City Manager Dave Willey said if the increase were approved, the city would have more funds to improve the road network with asphalt streets. It would not change the existing half-cent tax, but would add another half-cent to it.

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Councilwoman Lisa Stephens and City Manager Willey talked about the need to do more projects. Stephens said she hopes citizens see that money raised through the tax has gone to what the city council promised it would: road improvements. She said more improvements are needed.

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The referendum will be on the March 17 primary ballot. A simple majority is necessary for it to pass.

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