FCI 25th Anniversary


During a ceremony at the training center last Thursday, the Greenville Federal Correctional Institution observed its 25th anniversary.

In November of 1994, the medium security institution was opened.

Later, a female camp was built next to the prison and both remain in operation with approximately 1,050 inmates in the men’s medium security prison and 310 females in the camp.

During the ceremony, Warden Tom Werlich talked about reaching the milestone. He said the facility has seen many changes in its 25 years. He said modern science will drive many more changes. He said countless thousands of inmates have come through the facilities doors and hundreds of community volunteers have contributed service and support. He said what is most significant is the staff, which is the bedrock of the institution.

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There are 15 employees who have been at Greenville FCI all 25 years. Click below to hear Warden Werlich read the names:

For many years, a Community Relations Board has existed at FCI, consisting of members of the community and other agencies and organizations.

Darryl Bolen served as the board’s chairman many of those years and returned for last week’s ceremony. He recounted the many ways the institution and its staff have impacted the local economy and community.

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Greenville FCI is located in the Greenville city limits, bounded by Interstate 70, Route 40, Dudleyville Road and Elm Street.