Police Pursuit In Greenville



A wild police pursuit Monday afternoon began in the Mt. Olive area and finished east of Greenville with a Missouri man taken into custody.

At approximately 1:40 p.m. Montgomery County deputies attempted to stop the driver of a pickup truck for suspicious activity and reckless driving. The driver, 35 year old Christopher S. McCartney, from Clinton, MO, refused to stop and a pursuit was started.

Illinois State Police troopers from District 18 joined the pursuit due to the reckless and eratic driving and chased the truck in Montgomery, Macoupin and Bond counties.

Bond County Chief Deputy Josh Hill entered the chase west of Sorento, joining on New Douglas Avenue at Griffith Road.

He said it continued through Sorento, east on Sorento Avenue to Rt. 127, where the subject avoided police stop sticks, then south to Rt. 140.

McCartney turned west on Rt. 140 and the sheriff’s department had a car setting at Shawnee Road.

The subject turned onto Mt. Gilead Road, drove into church property, did a doughnut in the grass and hit a tree, but was able to drive back to Rt. 140.

The pursuit continued eastbound on Rt. 140 toward Greenville. McCartney avoided stop sticks at Patriot’s Park, but sticks were also deployed near the bottom of Mill Hill, and one tire of the truck ran over them.

The driver continued east on Rt. 140 to Beaumont Avenue and the chase was far from over.

Hill said they went into the city and the driver went past Dairy Queen and drove north into Montrose Cemetery.

There he did a doughnut in the grass in front of the mausoleum, and went back toward the Dairy Queen where the truck got temporarily stuck between a tree and a hill and then struck a street sign.

The pursuit returned to Beaumont Avenue to Greenville Commons, where the truck left the road and drove through grass behind the apartment complex. The driver went back to Beaumont Avenue to Dairy Queen, returned to Beaumont and drove east to Rt. 140, steered into the Wheatfield Farms Subdivision near the Unit 2 office, and continued east on 140. He pulled into the Greenville Free Methodist Church driveway, east of Greenville.

Chief Deputy Hill said the tire was shredded and smoking. McCartney drove in the grass, did a couple of doughnuts and Hill said officers used their vehicles to pin the truck on the east side of the driveway.

Officers were then able to apprehend the suspect.

Greenville police were involved in the pursuit once it neared the city. Throughout the pursuit, there were several instances when the driver of the truck was in the wrong lane and was coming toward oncoming vehicles. There were no crashes or injuries.

Shortly after the arrest was made, around 3:15 p.m., there were as many as a dozen police cars at the scene, in addition to an ambulance from Bond County Emergency Medical Services.

McCartney faces charges in Bond and Montgomery counties.

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