Candidate Petitions Filed Monday


Monday was the final day for candidates from the established parties to file petitions to run in the March primary election.

On the Bond County level, there are no primary races, however, two women are interested in the two-year unexpired term for treasurer.

Mark Robertson, Republican, has resigned effective the end of the year.

Colleen Camp of Greenville has filed as a Republican candidate for the office. On Tuesday, she was appointed by the Bond County Board to serve as treasurer during most of 2020.

Melissa Marti of Greenville has filed as a Democrat candidate for treasurer. She ran for the office in 2018 against Robertson.

For the four-year terms of circuit clerk and coroner, only the incumbents filed petitions.

Republican Circuit Clerk Rex Catron is seeking re-election, and Democrat Coroner Anthony Brooks is running for another term.

No one filed as a Republican or Democrat for supervisor of assessments. Georgia Shank is the current supervisor of assessments and plans to file as an Independent candidate. She did the same when first elected in 2016.

The term is for four years.

Independent candidates can circulate petitions beginning March 24 and the petitions must be filed June 15-22.

Dora Mann, a Democrat, is the only candidate for state’s attorney. She was appointed to the position late last year.

Two Bond County Board seats are up for election in 2020, District 1 and District 3.

Frank Lucco from Pocahontas, incumbent Democrat, is seeking re-election in District 1.

In District 3, the two candidates are Democrat Incumbent Eldon Young from Sorento and Republican Jacob Rayl of Freys Meadow Avenue.

The primary election is March 17.

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