Snow Has Negative Impact On Salvation Army Effort

The snow earlier this week kept some area residents from reaching work and visiting stores, and that had an adverse effect on the Bond County Salvation Army’s campaign.

Mary Young, coordinator of the bell-ringing program, gave an update of the situation. She said the total donations at all three locations (Capri IGA, Dollar General, and Buchheit) totaled less than what they usually bring in at IGA alone in one day. The effort has raised $14,555, but is more than $10,000 away from their goal of $26,000.

Young reminds donors that Capri IGA will have their “Double Day” where they match donations made at their store up to $1,000, on Saturday, December 21.

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Checks can be sent to Bond County Salvation Army, Bradford National Bank, Post Office Box 279, Greenville 62246.

Bell ringing continues until noon December 24.

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