County Animal Reports

Bond County Animal Control Officer Jim Hess has issued his annual report for 2019.

Last year, a total of 118 stray dogs were impounded along with 123 stray cats.

82 dogs and 8 cats were returned to their owners.

Hess reported 34 dogs and 50 cats were released to other Illinois-licensed shelters.

The local shelter approved the adoption of six dogs and eight cats.

The county euthanized 104 cats and 26 dogs in 2019.

Twenty-three wild animals were caught including 10 raccoons, three opossums, four bats and a snake.

Hess investigated 18 reports of animals biting humans.

During December, Hess received 51 complaints about animals, and he impounded 10 dogs and seven cats. Six cats were euthanized.

Four dogs and one cat were released to no kill shelters, and six cats were released to the Bond County Humane Society.

Six animal bites, five in the City of Greenville, were reported last month.

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