More On Unit 2 Board Sorento Discussion

Another discussion was conducted by the Bond County Unit 2 school board Tuesday night regarding school boundaries, enrollment at schools and Sorento School.

By a vote of 4-3, the board kept the option in the discussion that would close Sorento School. The option only remains there, and no motion was made to adopt it.

At a town hall meeting conducted by the board earlier this month, Superintendent Wes Olson presented figures regarding what closing Sorento School would do financially. He said over a 10-year period, projected savings could be $9.648 million.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Board Member Brian Zeeb said the board had an obligation to look at all students throughout the district and all scenarios. He said they had no control over the state grant money, noting that those numbers could change quickly. He said taking the Sorento School offline could result in $9.648 million in savings through operational efficiencies over ten years and there would be fiscal ramifications to ignoring that as a board.

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Recently, the board was presented an option to have multi-grade classrooms at Sorento. The superintendent said this would allow for re-allocation of staff to reduce class sizes at Greenville elementary and keep Sorento open.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Sorento Teacher Ernie Oakley spoke for the Sorento staff, urging the board to keep the school open next year, as-is, and not rush into the multi-classroom option. He said major changes often have unintended and unforeseen consequences and asked the board to take more time to review potential changes.

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