No Grant Application For KPD Rec Center

Don’t look for a Kingsbury Park District indoor recreational center soon.

Tuesday was the deadline to submit an application for an Illinois Park and Recreational Facility Construction (PARC) grant.

Although there were intentions to apply for a grant to help construct an indoor recreation center, the Kingsbury Park District did not.

The park board met this past Monday to review the budget for a center. The figures immediately told board members they could not proceed with an application at this time due to cost for what had been proposed.

The maximum PARC grant is $2.5 million. Park District Director Jerry Sauerwein said the current debt limit for the district is $2.9 million.

The architect’s estimate for the center was $4.3 million, including site work, but not including any equipment.

At the recent meeting, after seeing the figures, the board asked Sauerwein to request that the KPD financial advisor attend the next meeting, or be in contact by phone. That should occur at the park board’s February 9 meeting.

The district recently purchased land along Route 40, between 4th Street Lanes and Southwestern Electric, for a recreation center. Sauerwein said more planning is needed and the district would probably be interested in applying for a grant next year, if the program is available.

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