Online GU Credits For High School, Homeschool Students


High school and homeschooled students across the U.S. will now be able to earn college credits online toward a future degree at GU, thanks to a new partnership between Greenville University and TEL Library, a non-profit curriculum and educational technology organization.

TEL Library’s College Courses On-Demand program offers TEL online courses, which have been reviewed and approved for college credit by partner universities. Students who successfully complete a course receive credit and a letter grade from the partner university; credits count toward a degree at the university or may be transferred to another institution.

GU’s VP for Academic Affairs Brian Hartley said of the partnership, “Partnering with TEL library allows [Greenville University] to assist them in transcripting students using our expertise, while allowing those same students a chance to see Greenville University in action. This is one of many new partnerships, which allows us to do more together than either entity could accomplish on its own.”

Dr. Jae Strickland, Chief Academic Officer of TEL Library, says, “Greenville University is a special place. They have wonderful people, a rich history of educational excellence, and we are thrilled to be partnering with them.”

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