Scholastic Bowl Results From Litchfield Match

GHS Scholastic Bowl Coach Ryan D'Arcy, JV Captain Katie Peppler, Walter Smith, Olivia Peters, Varsity Captain Chloe Beckert, Jolie Harnetiaux, Ethan Mergner, Jay Sanders, Emma Nord, Andrew Huff, Nichole Evans, and Chase Deiters. Not Pictured: JV Captain Justin Matthews and Malachi McElvain

The third night of IHSA scholastic bowl competition took the students of Bond County High School to Litchfield.

From Scholastic Bowl Coach Ryan D’Arcy…

Students tested their knowledge of both classic and modern literature, astronomy, physics, biology, history, music and more to compete for victory. As teams of five, individual players try to gain possession of a tossup by being the first to buzz in with the correct answer. After a correct answer, they get to consult with amongst the five teammates to answer the three “bonus” questions. Any part unanswered or any incorrect tossup answer then rebounds to the other team where they have the chance to answer.

With all answers being worth ten points, scores build up quickly. That’s why it’s surprising that scores on Tuesday night were lower than average. These questions were hard! For instance, who was the main character in Moby Dick? To what did he cling after the shipwreck? When they set sail, to what island were they headed? Greenville did remarkably well in this battle of the wits with Litchfield, defeating the panthers 350-100. However, the varsity lost to Southwestern, an historically extremely competitive team with a score of 310-190. In both matches, Emma Nord led scoring for Greenville, impressing with her deep knowledge in a wide variety of topics ranging from math and science to classical music and literature.

Bond County’s junior varsity failed to get a “W” for the night but still gave a strong performance with Justin Matthews earning forty of the 130 points against Litchfield’s 170. Justin Matthews and Ethan Mergner each individually earned twenty points of Greenville’s 90 points against Southwestern’s 210.

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