Sorento Hosts Third Unit 2 Town Hall Meeting

Over 175 persons attended a Bond County Unit 2 Town Hall Meeting Wednesday night at Sorento School.

The biggest concern was obviously the school being closed, as the board looks at options to draw boundaries to increase the enrollment at Sorento School. Most recently added was option G which would be closing the school.

An idea brought up at the meeting was trying to entice families in the northern part of Bond County to annex their land from the Hillsboro District to Unit 2.

This cannot be initiated by Unit 2, but must be done by individual family requests to the regional superintendent.

Many of those at the meeting seemed encouraged that was an option that could be pursued.

Superintendent Wes Olson talked to the large crowd throughout the night, noting the board has encouraged and facilitated feedback. He noted that the topic can be contentious and polarizing and no one likes to have those conversations, but the board has tough decisions to make.

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Mayor Mike Mossman was one of many who asked the closure option be taken off the table. He said the topic is emotional and that the community loves their school and teacher. He said cleanup efforts have been underway in the village for a few years and he hopes to see people construct in the village.

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Sorento Teacher Christina Pashia said the Bond County community has always come together and will continue to do so through this issue.

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The district held town hall meetings in Greenville, Pocahontas and Sorento.

Over 340 persons attended them.