Surveys Sent To All City Water Users

Greenville water users will be receiving surveys in the mail very soon.

City officials report the income surveys have been mailed as part of the campaign known as “Greenville Growing.”

The City of Greenville asks residents to complete the one-page survey to assist in obtaining grant funds to offset the cost to water users for a new water plant.

Greenville City Manager Dave Willey talked about the importance of surveys being returned, noting that 75% of the people who receive surveys have to return them for the effort to be valid. He said if 75% aren’t returned, city representatives may have to go door to door and visit residents.

He said it’s also critical because additional grant funds in the amount of $750,000 are also available for infrastructure replacements. The water surveys can be used to identify pockets of the city that could have infrastructure replaced using grant money.

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Completed surveys can be returned to the city by dropping them off at the municipal building, sending them back, or by fax or email.

The city is offering an incentive to water users. Once the completed survey is received by the city, a $10 credit will be posted on the water account.

Those returning surveys to the municipal building by January 31 will have a chance to receive free water for one year.

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