Unit 2 Board Continues Sorento School Discussion

At Tuesday night’s meeting of the Bond County Unit 2 Board of Education, a lengthy discussion was held about enrollment boundary proposals and the future of Sorento School.

The board had three options on its agenda to consider. Action was taken on one of the three and another avenue to gather information was presented.

A motion was made to remove consideration of an option that would close Sorento School for the 2020-2021 school year. The vote was 4-3 with the majority in favor of maintaining the option.

Voting to remove the option were Dan Sidwell, Laura Wall and Edmar Schreiber. Voting to keep the option were Randi Workman, Brian Zeeb, Aristede Ephron, and Nate Prater.

It was emphasized by Prater that keeping the option doesn’t mean the board will eventually decide on approving it.

Also brought up was the recent option for multi-grade classrooms at Sorento School with district-wide open enrollment.

Despite several board members expressing the desire to receive more information about it, a motion was made and seconded to approve a scenario where Sorento would have multi-classrooms and there would be open enrollment.

Before a vote on that motion, Wall made another motion to table the topic while more information is gathered.

The motion to table passed with Wall, Sidwell, Ephron and Schreiber voting “yes” and Prater, Zeeb and Workman voting “no.”

The other matter for discussion involved Board President Schreiber’s recommendation to form a five-person committee to review the boundary proposals and other options. He suggested the principals from the three elementary schools, a board member, and one parent be on it.

Some board members questioned establishing the committee. Superintendent Wes Olson said if the problem is people or the board questioning data that has been presented, then the district could hire an outside third party to look at everything.

No motion for the committee was made.

Wanting to know what open enrollment might do to student numbers at centers, it was the consensus of the board to have the superintendent send a survey to each parent in Unit 2 and ask to which school they would send their children, if there was open enrollment.

More from the board meeting will be reported in future newscasts.

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