Willey On Massa & Sewer Projects

Greenville City Manager Dave Willey at the Greenville Chamber of Commerce State of the City/New Faces event.

At the Greenville Chamber of Commerce’s State of the City program this week, City Manager Dave Willey had good news about a couple of projects.

Once known as Molinero, the Massa Milling Company is close to beginning operation.

Willey told those at the Chamber event that Massa is now beginning to look for production employees.

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It’s anticipated Massa Milling in Greenville will have around 25 employees.

The plant will make white corn flour that will be shipped to another company facility to manufacture tortillas and tortilla chips.

The company recently added a wastewater pre-treatment facility at the site.

While no activity has occurred for many years in the building, the company has continued to pay taxes and keep the facility properly maintained.

The city manager also reported a sewer project is nearing completion. The “Unserved Sewer Project” has been underway for about 3 years and is an effort to eliminate septic systems, which he said is a benefit to the community and to the customers. The project is six connections short of being complete and is expected to wrap up by Memorial Day.

The project was set up to connect over 100 residences to the Greenville sewer system.

It was financed through a $4.85 million loan from USDA Rural Development.

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