City Council Planning Electronics Recycling


The City of Greenville is planning another electronics recycling event for early May and it will cost persons more to dispose of all televisions and monitors that are not flat screen LCD or LED models.

Last year, the city charged $5 for each of those models, leading to $1,315 being collected. It cost the city $5,600 to have them taken away.

City Manager Dave Willey said most of the places they talked to last year were charging $10. He said it would be appropriate to charge $10, which would still not cover the cost.

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The council voted unanimously to approve the $10 fee.

A resolution of support was adopted by the council for a USDA Rural Development loan that could be used for a new water plant.

The city manager reported Greenville has been invited to make full application for the loan. The total project cost is estimated at $16.87 million while the federal loan could be $14.2 million.

The resolution authorizes the mayor, city manager and city clerk to execute the documents necessary to move forward with securing financing and for a Rural Development loan.

The council approved the installation of a six-inch storm drain from the bottom of the stairway on the south side of the SMART Center from Second and Main streets, to the nearest storm sewer connection at South and First streets. The cost to install the line and work, except for the line boring, will be $21,954 with the public works department staff completing the project.

The blower assembly in the city street sweeper is being repaired and a new rock screen, to keep rocks from damaging the sweeper’s propeller, is being purchased. The total cost is $10,567.

Council members approved bids for materials to maintain streets this year. The purchases will be made using motor fuel tax funds.

The bid prices were slightly less than what was allocated in the MFT resolution, adopted last November by the council.