City Still Seeking Survey Responses

The City of Greenville is over two-thirds of the way to its goal for receiving income survey responses to use for grant applications.

It was announced this week that in the first month the survey was available, 53 percent of the water users turned one in. At least 75 percent of the users must respond for the city to seek a grant for a new water plant.

City Manager Dave Willey said he is pleased with the response so far. Since the program launch on January 1, the response rate has been over 50% so far. He hopes the city will be able to secure the number of surveys to qualify for the grants.

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Everyone submitting a survey received a $10 deduction on their water account.

Willey said completed surveys are still being accepted. You can mail them to or drop them off at the Greenville Municipal Building. If you can’t find your survey, you can call or come by City Hall.

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In the first month, free water and sewer service was offered for one year to a water user returning the survey.

The randomly selected winner was Patti and Dan Maurer.

The city has announced a second chance to participate. Letters are being sent to residents who did not turn in a survey. The $10 credit still exists. Water users submitting surveys during February will be in a random drawing for a 50-inch television.

The one-page income survey can be completed quickly.

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