SMART Center To Be Unveiled Saturday

Executive Director of Greenville Smart Initiatives Breck Nelson (right) talks with Greenville officials and Greenville Chamber of Commerce members during renovation of the SMART Center, which will be shown off this Saturday.

It’s taken many months to complete, but area residents will get a chance to see Saturday that the wait for the SMART Center was well worth it.

The center, located in the former Masonic building on the northeast corner of the intersection of Main and Second streets in Greenville, is ready for use.

Danara Moore, Greenville University director of strategic design and a faculty member of the business school, invites everyone to attend Saturday’s open house from 1 to 4 PM. There will be a Greenville themed 9-hole putt-putt golf course. Tours will be offered every 10 minutes.

At 2 PM there will be a community ribbon cutting. Everyone is invited to cut the ribbon. While there will be plenty of scissors, you may want to bring your own pair.

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Moore explained the Greenville SMART initiative is the overall program that is full of various initiatives, designed to cultivate a strong and vibrant future for Greenville. The SMART Center is just one of those initiatives. The KRP program is another.

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All three floors of the building have been renovated with an elevator to take visitors to the second and third levels. The first floor will feature a restaurant known as Rocket Bowls, which will open in mid-March.

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