Unit Two Board Reaches Decision On Open Enrollment

After several months of discussions, the Bond County Unit 2 school board made a decision Tuesday night what will be done regarding schools for the 2020-2021 year.

The board voted 5-1 to have open enrollment throughout the district. Favoring the motion were Brian Zeeb, Randi Workman, Laura Wall, Dan Sidwell and Nate Prater. Voting against it was Board President Dr. Edmar Schreiber.

During board discussion, Schreiber said he liked the current policy in which students are allowed to transfer to Sorento and Pocahontas, but not to Greenville.

No schools will be closed. The district will continue to provide transportation.

Unit 2 superintendent Wes Olson spoke to WGEL about the board’s action. He said following the board’s decision, officials will engage with parents and establish parameters in terms of open enrollment.

Click below to hear more from the superintendent:

The district-wide survey, which asked all parents where they would send their children to school if open enrollment was available, resulted in an addition of seven students at Sorento and an increase of two at Pocahontas.

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