5th Coronavirus Case In Clinton County

Clinton County Health Department is now confirming a 5th case of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Clinton County. Thursday’s positive test result involved a male in his 30’s who is not a permanent resident of Clinton County. All 5 cases are quarantined at home.

You should consult your health care provider if you have fever, cough, trouble breathing, or any flu-like symptoms that are not better or are worsening after 24-48 hours OR you have mild symptoms and are pregnant or immunosuppressed or are an older adult with chronic health conditions.

Your health care provider will determine if you should be tested, and the provider will call the Health Department if needed.

IDPH State testing criteria only includes hospitalized patients with unexplained pneumonia and residential congregate living with clusters (2 or more) of possible or confirmed COVID-19 cases in a vulnerable population.

Private testing is available. In order to qualify for private testing, your primary physician needs to complete a thorough assessment and rule out any other respiratory infections. If your provider determines you need a COVID-19 test, your healthcare provider will write a COVID-19 test order and coordinate testing with a local testing facility. Private testing is still limited.

A note from the Clinton County Health Department: Employees have observed incredible examples of social distancing around Clinton County. We applaud the communities continued commitment to keep everyone’s health a priority. Community mitigation strategies are proven to work. So, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Reducing the number of close contacts you have is important. The Clinton County Health Department stresses to stay home if you are sick.