Another COVID-19 Case In Clinton County


Clinton County Health Department is confirming another new case of COVID-19, or Coronavirus, in Clinton County, bringing the total to 4. None of the confirmed cases to date have involved international travel.

The health department is urging residents to continue to practice social distancing, utilize frequent handwashing, avoid touching the face with hands and to report any respiratory symptoms, fever and/or cough to their primary care physician.

“We are in communication with IDPH, HSHS, EMA, our county board and other elected officials on a regular basis. We are doing everything we can to minimize the spread of this illness. Our ask is that everyone who is able, stay home. That is the best way to avoid both being infected and infecting others,” Administrator Sean Eifert shared Wednesday.

Eifert further went on to thank the citizens of the county for working so diligently to follow the guidance that has been issued and emphasized his belief that this cooperation has kept transmission relatively low.

Thursday’s positive test result involved a female in her 20’s who is a resident of Clinton County.

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