Calvert Receives Forestry Award

SWCD Executive Director Emily Hartmann (left) and SWCD Board member Mike Bingham (right) with Bill Calvert.

Bill Calvert is one of the top foresters in Illinois.

He lives in Breese, but owns land in Bond County.

Last year, Calvert was nominated by the Bond County Soil and Water Conservation District for a state forester award. He ended up being named winner of the Outstanding Forestry Contribution Award by the Association of Illinois Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

Calvert was recognized last week at the annual meeting of the Bond County district.

Emily Hartmann, executive director, spoke about Calvert and the award, noting the honor recognizes foresters who make major contributions in their community. Calvert is a resident of Breese, but is a Bond County landowner and does a lot of work here.

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Calvert is a certified forester who belongs to various forestry associations in Illinois and Missouri.

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