Celebrity Visits DeMoulin Museum

John Goldsmith (left) of the DeMoulin Museum with museum guest David Eigenberg

If you watch “Chicago Fire” on television, you’ll be star struck about this story.

For DeMoulin Museum Curator John Goldsmith, one of the thrills is never knowing who might walk through the museum doors.

Goldsmith said while all visitors to the museum are special, one on Saturday was one he recognized as a TV star: David Eigenberg, who plays Herrmann on Chicago Fire. Goldsmith said Eigenberg and his son were traveling from Chicago to St. Louis and the son found the museum on the Roadside America website and thought it would be a fun place. The pair spent about an hour looking at the museum.

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Goldsmith said since he put pictures on social media later Saturday, thousands of people throughout the world have seen pictures of David Eigenberg at the DeMoulin Museum in Greenville.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of the DeMoulin Museum
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