County Offices Adjust For COVID-19 Precautions


The Bond County Board met Thursday morning and approved recommendations from department heads regarding the operations of their offices during the coronavirus situation.

The courthouse remains open, but before being allowed in, everyone is asked four health questions and their temperature is taken. The courthouse is the location of the circuit court, circuit clerk, state’s attorney, probation department, and 9-1-1 office.

At the sheriff’s department, the lobby is open, but the jail is closed to visitors.

At the courthouse annex building, the county clerk, treasurer and supervisor of assessments offices are closed for in-person service, but they will be staffed every day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

All county offices can be called if there are questions.

Department heads have made adjustments in the number of employees staffing their offices. During this COVID-19 situation, all county employees will continue to be paid.

At the highway department, the maintenance crew has been split, so half works one week and the other half works the next week.

Bond County Health Department Administrator Sean Eifert said it appears all county offices are following the recommended protocols.

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