Official Dress Day (or Blue and Gold Day) for the Mulberry Grove FFA

Last week was National FFA Week. The Mulberry Grove FFA Chapter shared these great photos of the festivities with us. And chapter reporter Brooke Tompkins shared had this to say…

February 22 marked the beginning of the best week of the year for FFA members all across the nation: National FFA Week. Throughout the week, chapters in all 50 states (and territories) host events celebrating FFA. Students at the Mulberry Grove Jr High and High School dressed up every day matching a theme. On Monday, students stayed comfy for Pajama Day. On Tuesday, students dressed up as their own take on Country Day. Red, white, and blue flooded the halls Wednesday for Patriotic Day. On Thursday, FFA members wore their official dress and students wore blue and gold (the official colors of the FFA). Friday was Flannel and Camouflage Day.

On Monday, the Mulberry Grove FFA Officer Team hosted a High School Assembly. To raise FFA awareness, teams of teachers and students answered agricultural trivia questions. It was class against class in “Jeopardy: Ag Edition.” The Senior Class of 2020 won the competition.

On Tuesday, the chapter held their annual High School Ag Olympics. Each chapter member played games like the Lemonade Chug, Bale Toss, and WheelBarrow Race. Per tradition, senior officers get whipped cream pies in their faces following the games. So, President Wyatt Criner and Vice President Trista Koertge got pied at the end of the day.

Also, Tuesday through Thursday, the chapter officers held interactive assemblies for each of the Jr. High classes. Each class got to play Ag Pictionary and learned about agriculture in the community.

The officer team hosted the Elementary Ag Olympics on Wednesday. Following lunch, every elementary class had a lesson from Ag in the Classroom and played games with the Mulberry Grove Officers. They enjoyed Tug-o’-War, an Egg Relay, Potato Sack Race, and the Pedal Tractor Race.

The chapter provided a delicious home-cooked meal for the staff at Mulberry Grove on Thursday.

To wrap up the week, the annual petting zoo was on Friday in the Ag Shop. Throughout the school day, every class in elementary school came and saw calves, goats, chickens, rabbits, a horse, and a piglet. Emily Hartmann led an Ag in the Classroom presentation on soybeans.

A special “Thank you” to Emily Hartmann for providing agricultural presentations for elementary students.

FFA PJ Day at Mulberry Grove Jr. High
Patriotic Day At MGJHS
MGHS Patriotic Day
A high school assembly to kick off FFA Week Monday
The Junior Class team answer “hydroponics” correctly.
MGHS FFA Petting Zoo
Mulberry Grove Elementary School staff enjoy a home-cooked meal provided by the FFA Chapter.
Fourth grader Kaya Tedrick jumps in the Potato Sack Race.
Senior, president Wyatt Criner gets a pie in the face.
In the High School Ag Olympics, the sophomores faced the freshmen in Tug-o’-War.
Jr. High Flannel and Camo Day
High School Flannel and Camo Day
Jr. High Country Day
High School Country Day
Blue & Gold Day at Mulberry Grove Jr. High
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