Greenville Leaf Pickup Underway

The City of Greenville’s spring leaf vacuuming program is underway from now through the second full week of April.

City street department crews will vacuum leaves that have been raked to the curb or the edge of the street.

They go through the city once a week.

Residents do not have to call, and they can visit to see a map with the sections where leaves are picked up on various days, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Leaf piles should be no higher than three feet and must not have sticks, brush or debris that could cause the vacuum machine to malfunction.

Leaf burning is permitted only on specific days and times, and the person must have a leaf burning permit from the city.

Greenville officials suggest that leaves not be burned.

Those who do not want leaves vacuumed, can bag them, place them at the curb, and the bags will be picked up by city workers. Leaves can also be mulched with a mower or be placed in a compost bin.

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