Precinct Committeemen Elected In Primary

The primary election is designed to nominate candidates for political parties in the November general election.

The exception, however, is precinct committeemen, who were elected in the primary.

Bond County has 25 precincts. Each one has a Democrat and Republican committeeman.

There were no precinct committeeman races in the primary. Republicans had seven precincts with candidates and the Democrat party had six candidates.

Elected in the primary by Republicans were Douglas Marti in Central 1, George Barber in Central 1A, Barbara Kirkman in Central 2, Carol Lingley in Central 5, Thomas Qualls in Central 6, Colleen Camp in Central 7, and Bernard Myers in LaGrange 1.

Democrats elected committeemen Branson Carter in Central 1A, Donald Albert in Central 3, Dennis Potthast in LaGrange 2, Travis Edwards in Burgess 1, Dan Sidwell in Old Ripley, and Eldon Young in Shoal Creek 3.

Where committeeman vacancies exist, the party will appoint individuals to the positions.

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