Primary Election Follow Up

Now that the primary election is history, Bond County Clerk Meg Sybert looks back at a successful election using new equipment.

She said that while the majority of voters continued to use a paper ballot, the new system allows voters to use a touch screen, if they wish. Sybert said some older voters, having trouble clearly reading the paper ballot, asked to use the touch screen.

The touch screen is also available for disabled persons.

Sybert indicated the new equipment allows improved election security and her staff can update the software.

The primary was March 17. By law, the county clerk must wait 14 days before canvassing vote totals.

That time allows mail votes to arrive at the office. If they were postmarked no later than Election Day, they can be counted.

Sybert said as of the end of Election Day, there were eight mail ballots that had not been received. Four of them have arrived and she said they will be counted because they had timely postmarks.

County Clerk Sybert reported the canvass of votes will probably occur on April 1.