Tuesday Primary Summary

The Illinois primary election will be held Tuesday, as scheduled.

Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. WGEL will be on the air after the polls close to report vote totals.

There are no local races on the Bond County ballot for any offices. All polling places in the county are the same as in the last election with the exception of one. Mulberry Grove Precinct 1 voters will now vote at the Mulberry Grove Fire Protection District firehouse.

Greenville residents are voting on two referendums proposed by the city.

One asks citizens if they favor increasing a half-cent sales tax to one cent per $1.

The tax will continue to be used for infrastructure improvements, including resurfacing roads, curbs, sidewalks and storm sewer projects. A simple majority of “yes” votes is needed for the increase to pass.

City officials indicate a raise in the tax would allow more improvements to be accomplished.

The other referendum pertains to recreational cannabis.

There are two questions presented.

Shall the city allow cannabis dispensaries within the city limits, and shall the city allow other cannabis-related businesses such as cultivation centers, cannabis craft growers, cannabis infusers, cannabis processors or cannabis truckers.

The cannabis referendum is non-binding, meaning the city council does not have to follow the results.

Greenville residents, who do not want to declare a political party, can request a non-partisan ballot to vote only on the referendums.

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