Bond County Code Red Emergency Notification

Bond County has an emergency notification system known as Code Red.

The program alerts residents about weather or emergency situations via telephone. Land lines are in the system, but cell phones are only there if the individual registers his or her number.

Alan Davis, Bond County 911 coordinator, said Code Red is an opt-in system. Most landlines are in it, but cell phones are not included automatically. He said officials can use the system to contact the entire county or just a specific area. He gave the example of an anhydrous leak that occurred recently. The Code Red system allowed officials to contact residents within a certain number of miles from the leak. He said Code Red can be used to share a variety of information, including boil orders, missing persons, and more.

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Davis said you can visit or to sign up. He noted that you have to add an address and calls you get will be based on that address, not your current location. For example, if an emergency call goes out while you are out of town, you will still receive the call.

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Those with questions can call the 911 office at 618-664-1911.

When severe weather strikes, be sure to tune in to WGEL 101.7 FM for up-to-date weather information from the National Weather Service.

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