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Don & Jan Stover

Many folks know Don and Jan Stover, owners of Creekside Community Brew Coffeehouse. You may not know Don is an extended member of the WGEL family, working with us as an engineer to keep the radio station on the air during weather or equipment related issues.

Don had a stroke last month and more health-related news followed. It was determined the stroke was a result of atrial fibrillation. Lytic lesions were found on Don’s bones, which led to a diagnosis of multiple myeloma. Doctors suspected Don had chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

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While that news would be devastating anytime, many more uncertainties arose because of the current coronavirus pandemic – a complicating factor for both medical treatment and for how the situation would affect the Stover’s income as local business owners.

A GoFundMe initiative was launched to raise funds to help the Stovers in their journey during uncertain times. Our intent with this story was to highlight that campaign, and while that’s still our goal, Don shared a new twist in his story that changes the perspective a bit.

When he visited the Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis, more testing was done and the doctor said he was downgrading Don from State 2 to Stage 1 because Don didn’t have enough of the symptoms for State 2. He also said Don didn’t have chronic lymphocytic leukemia…he had the precursor to it, which a great number of the general population has and never know about it. The doctor said, “Don, you don’t have an expiration date.”

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That latest news is obviously cause for rejoicing, but the Stovers still face many medical bills and expenses associated with Don’s treatment – and the uncertainty of owning a business during a global pandemic. Don’s wife, Jan, said they’ve never asked for help like this before, but they have been overwhelmed by the community’s support.

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You can find the Stovers’ crowdfunding campaign here:

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