County Board Action On Subdivision, Highway Bids & More

At Tuesday’s Bond County Board meeting, a minor subdivision in section 14 of Pleasant Mound Township was approved, after being tabled by the board last month.

The request for a special use permit was filed by Kenneth and Pamela Fields, to create the minor subdivision. State’s Attorney Dora Mann told the board the special use permit was not necessary and the board approved the subdivision with an easement through the property.

Highway Engineer Jeremy Pestle, presented bids received for slag and rock to be used on county and township roads. He said prices for most of the materials were about the same as last year or a little less, with the exception of rip-rap, which went up $2 a ton.

Board members approved resolutions to accept bids for county and township materials. Motor fuel tax funds are used to pay those costs.

Four county residents were re-appointed to various boards. They were Sherry Schaefer to the Greenville Airport Authority Board, Larry Suess to the Greenville Fire Protection District Board, Kim Houchlei to the Shoal Creek Fire Protection District Board, and Kendall Brink to the Pocahontas-Old Ripley Fire Protection District Board.

Schaefer’s new term is for five years, and all others are three years.

The Comets Sports Boosters Club was given permission to use the courthouse lawn and gazebo on Friday, September 25 for its annual homecoming cookout.

County Clerk Meg Sybert reported she has been contacted by some liquor license holders about the timeline for license renewals, since the coronavirus situation has adversely affected business.

The county ordinance sets the renewal date in July.

It was mentioned the board could possibly move the date back some. State’s Attorney Mann was asked to look into how the ordinance could be legally amended to allow that to occur.

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