COVID-19 Affects Unit Two Projects


The economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has caused officials for the Bond County Unit 2 district to scale back the number of building projects originally planned for the immediate future.

Superintendent Wes Olson said the projects were planned with certain assumptions for funding, which changed drastically in light of current economic situations related to the pandemic. Negotiations are now happening to scale the work back from $6.2 million to $2.46 million.

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In January, the board voted to proceed with Phase I for health life safety projects. Superintendent Olson said the program is being reduced due to the unknown economic impacts on local and state revenues. He does not believe the district should take on additional debt not knowing what next year financially looks like.

The superintendent indicated the state budget could be in a condition where schools might be lucky to get level funding for next year.

The facility sales tax for schools will decrease because it comes from business sales in the county.

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