Fire Officials Recommend No Outside Burning

During the spring, many people get the urge to go outdoors and do some burning.

Fire departments strongly recommend outside burning not be done due to the probability flames will spread quickly due to high winds.

Greenville Assistant Fire Chief Jim Sutton told WGEL the conditions are not conducive to safe burning at this time.

He said vegetation tends to dry out during the winter months. Before everything greens up in the spring, the dead vegetation is very tender, lights very easily, and burns rapidly and intensely. Sutton said that, combined with any kind of wind, creates a big problem. Spring is an especially windy time of year, which can result in fires spreading to structures or other neighboring property.

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Sutton recommended no outside burning now, but has safety tips for those who think they must:

Refrain from burning anytime you can.

If you do burn, choose the time carefully, wet the areas around the fire down before lighting it, and do not leave it unattended.

If a fire gets out of control, call the fire department immediately.

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Make sure you have a phone available. To reach your fire department, dial 9-1-1.

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