Ford Motor Company Donates To St. Joseph’s Hospital Breese

Registered nurses Diane Hempen (left) and Joannie Venhaus demonstrate HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital’s appreciation for the 1,000 FDA-approved plastic face shields from Ford Motor Co.

HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital Breese recently received 1,000 FDA-approved plastic face shields from Ford Motor Co. The delivery was part of 10,000 total face shields donated to the nine HSHS Illinois hospitals.

On Tuesday, March 24, Ford announced it would manufacture the face shields in the company’s Michigan plant to help first responders, health care workers and others on the front lines of the coronavirus response. The transparent face shields fully block the face and eyes from accidental contact with liquids and, when paired with N95 respirators, can be a more effective way to limit potential exposure to coronavirus.

“We are overwhelmed by all the generous donations of personal protective equipment (PPE),” said Zachary Yoder, chief nursing officer at HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital Breese. “This donation, along with the others we have received from the community, will help ensure our colleagues remain safe when caring for patients.”

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