GU Basketball National Leaders

They’ve done it again.

For the fifth consecutive season, the Greenville College men’s basketball team has led all collegiate basketball teams in scoring.

The Panthers, who play in NCAA Division III, scored 132.6 points per game 24 points more than the closest team in the division. There was a Division II team that scored 102 points per game and the most in Division I was 87 points.

Five years ago, Head Coach George Barber instituted a system in which the team uses full court pressure, speeds up and down the court, and players quickly move in and out of the lineup.

Click below to hear Barber talk about the team’s goals for each game:

Not only did the Panthers lead all national college teams in scoring, but they were also first in three point shots attempted, 1,570; three point field goals made, 21.3 per game; steals per game, 19.6; turnovers forced, 30.63 per game; and assists per game, 26.

GU was second in offensive rebounds per game with just under 20.

Coach Barber said he is most proud of the steals, assists, and turnovers forced totals.

Click below to hear more of his comments:

The Panthers got their entire season in, playing 27 games and winning 14 of them.

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