KPD Board Takes No Action On Master Plan Proposal


The Kingsbury Park District Board held a special meeting Monday evening with the only item on the agenda being a Greenville SMART/Kingsbury Park District Master Plan Proposal.

All five members attended the meeting through video conferencing.

The proposal was designed to engage the public in evaluating the current performance of the district while setting out a feasible plan for maintaining, developing and improving the district over the next decade.

There was no fee to be paid by the district. It would have to provide information about KPD programs, assets and finances.

The topic had been discussed at last week’s KPD committee meeting.

Board Member Barb Smith expressed her concerns with proceeding with anything during this COVID -19 pandemic. She said the whole state is un uncertain, shaky waters. Smith noted the park district had limited funds, is looking at not having any income, and said it was scary to think about how everything will end up. She said the board should, “sit back and play it a day at a time.”

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Kyle LaTemp, another board member, agreed, saying it made the KPD look irresponsible to spend more money in the long run. He pointed out uncertainties at the hospital and Greenville University.

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When it became apparent the majority of the board was not ready to proceed, Board Chairman Scott Crothers was not pleased. He said, “I’ll just say, I for one always think I can do my job as a board member better when I have more public input, not less.” He said there was a nice proposal to get a lot good public input and, “we saw where the resistance to this proposal was coming from from the start and that resistance, unfortunately, seems to have won the day.”

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Crothers asked if there was a motion on the proposal and none was made. He then asked if there was a motion to adjourn. There was and it passed 4-1 with Crothers voting no.

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