Local Agencies Celebrate Telecommunicator Week

This is a week to honor a group of people the public looks to for assistance in times of trouble.

National Public Safety Telecommunicators’ Week began Monday and extends through Saturday.

It recognizes those who answer the 9-1-1 calls and dispatch police, fire departments and ambulance crews to the scenes of emergency situations. These telecommunicators also answer regular calls to their departments.

Bond County 9-1-1 Coordinator Alan Davis is proud of the telecommunicators in the county. He said he calls telecommunicators the “first” first responders, since they are the ones people talk to before fire, police, or EMS are on the road to an emergency scene. All operators are certified and go through continuing education every year.

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Bond County Sheriff Jim Leitschuh said his department has four full-time and five part-time persons in that position. He said they often go unappreciated and hold a huge amount of responsibility. He pointed out they are responsible for vital information and take their jobs very seriously.

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Greenville Chief of Police Scott Workman also emphasized the importance of telecommunicators to his department. He said they’re the lifeline from citizens to the officers.

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At full force, the Greenville Police Department has 10 telecommunicators. It is currently accepting applications for a full-time telecommunicator and some part-timers.

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