Ministerial Alliance Organizing Local “Shofar” For Easter

While under COVID-19 quarantine, citizens of Italy and Spain have set aside certain times for everyone to go to their windows and cheer, or raise other noises, in recognition and celebration of various people and occasions. According to Dee Armes, associate pastor at the Greenville First Christian Church, the Bond County Ministerial Alliance is inviting you to participate in something similar this Sunday.

In celebration of Easter, the major event for Christians, Armes said all believers are asked to go out to their cars between noon and 12:05 PM and honk their horn a few times. He said if they have a musical instrument they’d like to play, that’s fine, and churches are encouraged to ring their bells, if possible.

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Armes Said the special activity has biblical ties, to the Old Testament. The shofar was a ram’s horn that was blown for a number of reasons, such as a call to worship and repentance or a call to battle.

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A reminder, you’ll be able to hear Easter messages from several local churches throughout the day Sunday on WGEL.

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