Mt. Auburn Cemetery Association Established


A new era for Mt. Auburn Cemetery, near Greenville, began Wednesday April 1.

The cemetery is now under the control of the newly established public Mt. Auburn Cemetery Association, having taken it over from private owners.

Larry Snow, one of the association organizers, reported the association has received the state license and permit to operate the cemetery. The new board is waiting to hear on a tax-exempt status request, which was filed about a month ago.

The deed to the cemetery, located at the intersection of College Avenue and Idler Lane, has been transferred and the by-laws have been updated.

Snow told WGEL 54 people have volunteered to mow the cemetery this season. They have been divided into six groups and the first one will begin Wednesday morning.

Snow emphasized the association is making sure everyone recognizes social distancing.

Anyone wanting to assist at the cemetery, to help in other chores besides mowing, is invited. Mowing begins at 9:30 a.m.

Snow said the plan is to mow the cemetery once a week and one-third of the cemetery will be trimmed every week. Workdays will be scheduled according to weather conditions.

Snow reported volunteers have picked up flowers blown away from graves. Two dumpsters are at the cemetery, one for decorations that are in good condition, and the other for wilted or damaged flowers or decorations. According to snow, items in the good dumpster can be used to repurpose decorations on graves.

Future projects, according to Snow, include repairing cemetery roads, trimming trees, and demolishing two old buildings on the property.

There are plans to erect name signs and also post cemetery regulations.

Those regulations can be seen on the Mt. Auburn Cemetery Association’s Facebook page. Snow said a logo for the cemetery is also being developed.

Donations to the association can be sent in care of Pennie Slatton, treasurer, at Bradford National Bank, 100 East College Avenue, Greenville.

Snow said many people have expressed interest in the cemetery, pleased local people and a public association are now controlling it. He said they all have the goal of returning it to a beautiful cemetery once again.

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